Sunday, June 25, 2017

Credentialing – Volunteers

Upon receiving your application, we will review and confirm your credentials and contact your references. All of your information will be kept strictly confidential in our files and will not be shared.

However, as we are required by law to adhere to the registration requirements in the Gambia as well as the United States, we may have to submit documentation about your education, licensure and certification status to make sure that you are allowed to practice within the Gambia. We will file all necessary papers on your behalf and will notify you, if further documentation, beyond what we have already received from you, should be required by the Gambian government.

Thus far, liability insurance, including medical liability insurance, is not believed to be an issue for us, as Healing Hands of Gambia, Inc. ® is providing a mercy mission. However, should our assessment of our position change in the future, we will inform you accordingly and also let you know which measures will have to be taken to address the situation at that time.

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