Sunday, June 25, 2017

Many Gambians live in family compounds in the distant provinces. It is very difficult for them to obtain transportation to the distant cities, even if they are quite ill. As a consequence, people have no choice but to turn to herbalists, bone setters and other traditional healers, if they encounter any kind of medical problem. Many times, however, this is not enough, and many people die unnecessarily, because they are unable to obtain proper medical attention and appropriate medication in a timely fashion.

The Gambia consists of five administrative divisions. The Western Division borders the Atlantic ocean. It is the most densely populated and contains the capital, Banjul, in which The Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital can be found. This division also includes Brikama, Bakau and Serekunda, where the main facility of Healing Hands of Gambia ® is located.

The North Bank Division is found on the northern bank of the Gambia river and borders Senegal. It includes the town of Farafenni and its A.F.P.R.C. Hospital.

The Lower River Division is located immediately to the east of the Western Divison. There, the Sulayman Jukung Hospital can be found in the town of Bwiam. Further inland, the Central River Division leads directly into Upper River Division. The people in these distant regions share the Hospital in Bansang, which is still about 75 km away from the furthest point east in the Gambia.

Healing Hands of Gambia ® is currently plotting the route for its mobile clinic which will include several sites at the south and north bank of the Gambia river to reach those, who have been unable to find transportation to any kind of medical facility.

For more information about our Mobile Clinic, please Contact Us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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