Sunday, June 25, 2017

Healing Hands of Gambia, Inc. ® is currently working on the establishment of a rotation for senior medical students as well as resident physicians. Eligible students must attend an accredited medical school and be in good academic standing. A letter of recommendation from the program director/advisor is required as is a detailed Curriculum Vitae. Additionally, a personal statement should outline the applicant’s interest in tropical medicine and what he/she hopes to accomplish during the rotation in the Gambia.

Students/residents may be from the United States or any other country, as long as their knowledge of English is deemed adequate. Applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Also eligible are medical students attending The University of The Gambia, Medical School, as well as Gambian post-graduate physicians, desiring additional training.

The duration of each rotation will be four to six weeks, during which time the students/residents will be working with Dr. Feder Sidibeh as well as several other attending physicians. While some patient care will take place at the Community Health Center clinics, the vast majority of the time will consist of taking the mobile clinic to the distant provinces.

The program is expected to commence in 2010. Further updates, including detailed instructions regarding immunization requirements, various insurance needs, and other pertinent matters will be posted on this website in the future.

Students/residents are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with tropical medicine prior to their rotation. The best website to utilize for this purpose is, without question, the Tropical Medicine Central Resource. This website provides virtually limitless information about tropical diseases, including geographic distribution, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, imaging diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

Certain vaccinations will be required prior to traveling to the Gambia. Please refer to the Center of Disease Control’s Health Information for Travelers to Countries in West Africa for detailed information. This site also gives general advice on “Staying Healthy During Your Trip” and “What You Need To Bring With You.”

For more information about our student/resident rotations, please Contact Us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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