Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mission Statement

It is our mission to create a solid and sustainable medical infrastructure in the Gambia by building a network of clinics and hospitals, connected via mobile clinics to bring excellent medical care and life-saving medications to even the most remote reaches of the country.

Vision Statement

All of us, all over the world, as different as we may be from one another, share certain desires and needs. We wish to live free from persecution and harm, pray that our children and loved ones are safe and healthy, and that our elders may enjoy their final years with their dignity and health preserved.

This is no less true for millions of Africans, some of whom are born into circumstances unimaginably far removed from the technological and medical advances of our age.

We believe that it is our mission and duty to provide excellent and accessible medical care and medications for every man woman and child in the Gambia – not just the precious few who have been blessed to engage the doctor of their choice. In fact, we welcome each and every patient, independent of origin or ability to pay. Absolutely no one will be turned away.

We further believe that the best way to reach everyone is to build Community Health Centers all over the Gambia which are run efficiently and safely by a dedicated Gambian medical staff with support from us. While run by professionals, these Community Health Centers seek out the input and involvement of the patients they serve via elected Community Boards made up of the villagers themselves.

And because we believe that education is the key to everything, our mission includes the training of talented villagers to become medical assistants and nurses’ aides in order to participate in the health care of their own community as well as provide much needed health education right at home.

All of us working together, we are certain that we can reach our goal: “Healing the People ~ Restoring Hope”!

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