Sunday, June 25, 2017

At Healing Hands of Gambia, Inc.® we believe that it is our mission and duty to provide excellent, accessible medical care and medication for every man, woman and child in the Gambia – not just the precious few who have been blessed with the means to engage the doctor of their choice. In fact, we welcome each and every patient, independent of origin or ability to pay, turning absolutely no one away.


Ingrid Feder Sidibeh, MD
Dawda Sidibeh

All of us, all over the world, as different as we may be from one another, share certain desires and needs. We wish to live free from persecution and harm, pray that our children and loved ones are safe and healthy, and that our elders may enjoy their final years with their dignity and health preserved. This is no less true for millions of Africans, some of whom are born into circumstances unimaginably far removed from the technological and medical advances of our age.

Africa is an enormous continent where needs are abundant, and solutions are slow in coming. Within this vast area, the Gambia is just a tiny slice of African soil, comprised of only 11,000 square kilometers with a population of about 1.7 million people. And, while significant progress has been made in providing health care for its citizens, much, much more needs to be done.

To live up to our motto, “Healing the People – Restoring Hope” we are in the process of setting up a Community Health Center Network in multiple villages, which will be staffed year-round by Gambian doctors and nurses in our employ, which will ultimately report to and be supervised by Dr. Feder Sidibeh. This medical staff is highly qualified and will manage all medical conditions, including, but certainly not limited to, obstetrics.

In addition, since so many people in the Gambia live in the provinces and are unable to get to any medical provider, a mobile medical clinic will connect the health centers in our network as well as venture out to the distant villages. This mobile clinic will be staffed by Dr. Feder Sidibeh as well as other qualified physicians and nurses from the United States of America. Also participating in our mobile clinic excursions will be medical students and resident physicians from accredited American and European medical programs who will be able to engage in a cultural and knowledge exchange with medical students from the Gambia, who will also be permitted to attend.

Both, the mobile clinic as well as the Community Health Center Network, will offer a great variety of medications obtained from Europe and the United States of America. Since the final hurdle which many patients simply cannot overcome is the inability to purchase their medications at a pharmacy, we will provide all necessary emergent and chronic medications as part of our medical consultation, ensuring equal access for everyone.

In summary, it is our mission to bring comprehensive, excellent medical care to every single person seeking our help. We believe, without a doubt, that this goal is not just possible but absolutely achievable for the Gambia and its people. Together, we will make a difference – one person at a time!

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