Sunday, June 25, 2017

Infant Mortality

The death of a baby is a shattering event. After an arduous pregnancy, usually complicated by malnutrition and a myriad of other health problems, followed by the ordeal of labor, which generally lasts for several days and usually occurs in the absence of skilled birth attendants and any kind of pain relief, too many Gambian […]

Urgent Appeal

URGENTLY NEEDED: Mobile Clinic Vehicle Our most pressing priority at this time is to raise funds for our MOBILE CLINIC to venture out deeply into the distant provinces and bring life-saving medications and medical care to people who have likely never seen a doctor before. The mobile clinic must be able to withstand the punishment […]

African Cultural Exchange

We have entered into an exciting collaboration with the Jamaica Hospital Family Residency Program which is part of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr. Reginald Hughes, who is the Director of Family Medicine Obstetrics at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York, is also the Founder and President of The African Cultural Exchange […]

Medical Student Lectures

In February of 2007, we undertook a fact-finding mission to the Gambia during which we were able to work at the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital in Serekunda. This experience opened our eyes in more ways than we could have imagined! At the same time, we were excited and delighted to meet and lecture to […]


Through a generous committment to the Clinton Global Initiative, YouTube has created a non-profit initiative which allows 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations to take advantage of a special, enhanced broadband channel to broadcast their message. We are extremely delighted to have been accepted to this program and to have been given our own channel. Our first two […]

Rotary Club of Leeds

In February of 2008 our President, Dr. Ingrid Feder Sidibeh, was fortunate to travel to Leeds, England, to visit the Rotary Club of Leeds which had graciously offered an invitation in order to learn about Healing Hands of Gambia. Dr. Feder Sidibeh had met one of its members – who has since joined our Board […]

The Gambia

The Gambia has been called “The Smiling Coast“. Indeed, the people have much to smile about. Old lessons about caring for one’s neighbor and family have not been lost as they have in the “more developed world.” Family ties mean something. People are not forced to struggle alone. However, poverty is a significant and overwhelming […]

Welcome Video

Welcome to Healing Hands of Gambia Video.

Benefit Concert

While Healing Hands of Gambia has no particular religious affiliations and while our board members represent most of the world religions as well as multiple nationalities, we were extremely pleased and grateful when the Trinity Lutheran Church of Vernon, Connecticut, came forward and organized a Coffeehouse Benefit Concert for us. The success of this concert, […]

Photos 2008

Pictures by Dawda Sidibeh, Vice President & CFO / Executive Board of Directors of Healing Hands of Gambia, Inc. ® on his trip to the Gambia in August 2008.

Photos 2007

Pictures by Ida Amaral, Secretary & Treasurer / Executive Board of Directors of Healing Hands of Gambia, Inc. ® on her trip to the Gambia in March 2007.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Now that the new year has arrived, we look forward to the months to come, wondering what they might bring us. Many of us have made new year’s resolutions. We have vowed to quit smoking or to take off the extra weight we carry, for instance. Without a doubt, the vast majority […]

Breastfeeding Dilemma

“Breastfeeding is best feeding,” so we are told. For many years we have lamented that, with the advent of baby formulas, women have stopped breastfeeding altogether. Particularly in the third world, where hunger and malnutrition are rampant, depriving the children of this most perfect food source has proven to be a disaster, resulting in even […]

Malaria is a major killer

“A mother frantically says her son’s name, again and again, in the half-empty acute-care room in a provincial hospital … Her young boy is unconscious with malaria and lies on a bed pushed up against a wall, its paint faded and peeling. When her son does not respond, she begins to softly pat his face […]

Saving Lives of Mothers

“The miracle of life means death for too many mothers in the developing world. Every minute a woman dies because of complications in pregnancy and childbirth.” According to the World Health Organization this adds up to about 600,000 maternal deaths per year, the vast majority of which occur in Africa. In essence, African women are […]

Thoughts on Poverty

Today my thoughts are wrapped around poverty and the way it robs people of hope and the opportunity to rise above the challenges of our world and time. According to the 2004 Human Development Index, the Gambia is one of the poorest nations in the world, ranking 155 out of 177. It has been estimated […]

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